Monday, August 3, 2015

Unlock it

Why do we feel we need to search for ourselves? We're right here...
But we get sad, or we get frustrated or we get indecisive on which way to go and boom, you need a psychologist, you need a Reiki Master, you need a super flirting date... something.

This whole thing of finding your purpose, yourself, your connection, your strength or magnetic field alignment, oh man, it's for heroes only, right? Well, ask someone who has survived something far worst than feeling sad and they will probably tell you a bit about that promised land, where the truth and wholeness are possible. They kind of have found it. But do we need to be throned away against a solid wall to get it? Is that the only way? Why aren't we smarter about being?

Well, maybe we don't talk much about it when we're growing up, and later in Life, we don't want to be labelled loonies for bringing that subject up. So we're a bit left alone when it comes to learning how to be. Despite the well known Shakespeare drama-question "To be or not to be", we don't consider that time must be put in figuring that one out. In daily Life we basically have two choices:  we can make jokes about it or go "Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels".

We secretly wish to be a hero, successful, happy... but...

What it is that we feel has something is missing?

What it is that makes you fight yourself or with others?

What it is that we feel as not part of this great world?

The answer: Breathe.

Stop everything you're doing, stop that guilty trip, stop the excuses, stop... and take one long deep breath. To just breathe it's such an amazing feeling. If you doubt that than stop breathing or imagine a wave coming in and you didn't get that extra inhale...

We are here, and we only get frustrated if we say to ourselves, or others, that we are frustrated because of this and that. So, stop blaming. Be here, move, speak, dance but stop blaming. Stop blaming you or others. Deal with it, fix it, change it, don't waste more time trying to feel good about something you feel it's wrong.

You feel lost. How can you be lost, if you know where you are? You're only lost if you want to be somewhere else and you don't know how to get there. But if you just want to be, you know where you are, here.

And if you feel that there's a connection missing, with the world, with nature, with people, with self ideologies, then, I'm sorry to upset you one more time, but make that connection. Make shit happen.

If you don't paddle to a wave, you will not surf any wave. You have to paddle, paddle, paddle hard and go for it! Then let it flow... feel it, be present, be attentive to what's in front of you, enjoy the ride while it lasts. P.S. You'll have to paddle again after.

It's your effort and preparation, and then your letting go, your trust in the unknown, that makes life an amazing miracle experience. That positive attitude, that good vibe, comes from pushing yourself beyond what you know with a strong trust in your preparation.

If you're feeling fragile, and we all get broken with Life's sneaky "surprises", hey, accept it and recognize it, but don't just stay there, do something about it. Preparation is key, whether in school or in Life. Same thing. Prepare yourself for life's exams. If you flunk, you will have to repeat the test, don't doubt it. You'll go over it again and again until the lesson is learned... you're wasting time if you're waiting for a miracle.

When it comes to Life, here some simple guidelines...

1) Hangout with your family, kids, friends, make new friends...
2) If it matters (but really think first), speak it out loud;
3) Find the problem and really work it out, don't just hunch your shoulders;
4) Try it and be surprised, be more generous and helpful, let yourself change and be the change;
5) Find that "bigger picture", there's always more than you think behind words and behaviors;
6) Pray, meditate... and forgive, yourself or others. Let the past go.

Each of us it's like a cloud on it's own. Together we're an immense sky. It can rain or shine. Be as open and helpful as you can be, without ever forgetting that you can change that sky. It's all good, whether it rains or the sun is shining. Both moods are important.

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