Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall in...

How, please tell me, how should I live? Tell me, what is that I keep getting it wrong? Life is full of a thousand delights, but so many bitter disillusions. Is it all just in my mind, am I the problem? Tell me, I'll follow the plan, the rules, the ritual, the leader... what, what do I need to do?!...

Silence... long silence... wow, the stars are really other planets and galaxies, so many... silence... how nice is to hear the wind teasing the leaves on the trees... silence... here I am breathing, so much have I lived, so much have I learned and share and so much am I thankful for... sigh... and so much wrong doing have I done and caused pain because... because I didn't know any better... eyes wet... the wind also pushes the clouds out of the sky... there's so much power in the wind, in nature.... there's also so much power in faith isn't there?

... silence...

I'm this.
I'm this and this is a lot.
I'm this and I could still be so much more.
Could you, or want to!
... I want.
I want to be better.

(you're not alone, we all are looking for the same thing. To be, in sweetness and joy, to exist in community, in peace, in love.)

So the first step is to exist. Done
Second step, can sweetness exist in bitterness? Nop, maybe glimpses of it.
So, I want to become gentle with myself and others. But how do I keep that promise?

We all need to feel, be, share Love. We all need that connection. We need that exchange with others, to feel at Home, to feel we belong and also that we welcome others. We need Emotional Intelligence. How to become Emotionally smarter? I want to read, research, there's so much information about it, I can study.

I want to take care of my body too. Read that we become more positive when we practice sports. It wasn't an opinion, it's proven scientifically. After 30 minutes of running your thoughts become more positive. Try it for yourself, the ideas/solutions that cross your mind make good sense. I also want to eat well, to nurture my body and turn it into an efficient machine.

Ah, and Nature, I want be in tune with nature. To wake up with the first sunshine rays and let my soul travel with a good early night sleep.

All of this I want to promise to myself.

I was inspired by this author and his book, David Servan-Schreiber's"The instinct to Heal". Besides choosing a natural, fresher diet and exercise, he also points out some very important things to experience daily:

Reach out (and touch someone!): Reach out to at least two friends for support (logistical and emotional) during times of stress. Hug people, often.

Remember to breathe: Learn a basic breathing relaxation technique to let out some steam whenever you start to feel stressed. Meditate, please.

Get involved: Find out how you can best give something back to your local community, then give it. Just give, expecting nothing in return.

Cultivate happiness like a garden:
Make sure you do one thing you love for yourself on most days. Cultivate your spirit, cultivate good vibes.

and let music lead you where words or thoughts cannot...
close your eyes, turn off the lights and listen... fall in...

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