Monday, October 5, 2015

Release... let go, let it be... follow the direction of your smile.

You and me we’re meant to be free, but we get caught up in comparisons, “undwelled” fears, accommodation/conformity to rules, norms, so many times self-imposed. We become lazy when facing our inner storms and quit for the sake of some “peace”. We all aim to be free but how many of us puts the responsibility of his/her choices on something/someone else? You and me we’re meant to be free, but to be free we can’t conform, we can’t just close our eyes and hope for the best… To be free is to be actively alive and any action always starts and ends in us, so, if we’re searching for freedom in Love, we must first find the strength in ourselves to Love; if we’re looking for Freedom through Forgiveness, we must start by forgiving ourselves first. All of us, everyone, wants to have their story told or written in the best possible way. Even when there’s a bit of side tracking, in the end, we all want to overcome our losses and lame options, and give Life the meaning it deserves. That’s why there’s no fast lane for it, it’s a self-paced growing and learning process. It’s not having loads of money that will make you free, although it helps physically, you’ll wish for deeper things, like connection and respect, and you might not find them because you won’t recognize in any of the things and commodities you have around. We all feel that we need to be validated as people, good or smart, funny or kind. We need to feel we’re the writers and actors of our life story, more important than that, we need to feel we have a story to tell.

To be free we can’t be a victim.

… no one can asphyxiate, disregard, humiliate or punish yourself more than yourself. The last sentence it’s always said by you to you, so we can fight back what we think is untrue or that must be changed, or we can conform and choose imprisonment.

To be free we must be able to have a love affair with ourselves and when questioned, to have the courage to defend that Love despite criticism. The lack of self-love, especially from whom we expect it unconditionally, can make the richest person the poorest of its kind, and by poor I mean, with no choices, with no trust, with no Freedom.

… How can we change?
Through Desire and Ambition, together in action.

Usually both these words are seen as bad ones, but to conquer a challenge or a dream we must wish/desire to do so and later gather the ambition to overcome the tiredness or doubts. Desire gives us the willpower and Ambition the courage and determination to do it.

We are not perfect beings but how well do we accept that? We get hurt by criticism, we get upset when we loose, we get angry if rejected, just the simple popular expression of having your self-pride hurt, think about it, how immature does that sound? In parenting, for example, we can see how many parents won’t admit to be flawed in front of their kids but they’ll demand compassion and sincerity from them. How can you ask someone to act humanly if you behave as god? … and that also echoes in the way we treat ourselves. We demand to be impeccable in our goals and dreams, but we fail miserably in listening to our fears and sharing them with others, again, because we fear to be seen as weak, but it’s exactly the opposite, we get weaker by the constant inner fight of pretending to be perfect.

To be Free we must accept we’re not perfect.

I dare to say that not being perfect is what connect us all! We all fear something, from the little spider to the fear of saying you love someone, so we all take our chances, risks, and it’s only by putting ourselves out there that we grow and learn. We need to jump into the void to become creative, intuitive, to realize how much greatness there is in the smallest gesture, but please don’t confuse taking risks with irresponsibility. Life is a precious gift, irreplaceable, so we must take good care of it, but in living, we must also take notice that in order to reach the peak of a mountain, we need to start walking and face the elements. Just a simple example of how risk taking must be induced and pushed forward: how many students are afraid of questioning their teacher? Wouldn’t it be better if children were taught to think for themselves too? How many employees are afraid of questioning their boss? Wouldn’t a company gain from its employees input? and so on.

To be Free we must take chances.

Get to fully comprehend who you are, where you are and what you’re doing in the Present. You’re the one who chooses your friends, your actions, your way. The better we understand this idea the better we can become the managers, “storytailors” of our Life. That’s why we study and share our thoughts. To have the tools to better comprehend our place in the World. To build our very unique screening machine that alerts each of us when there’s too much fantasy or self-projection in our thoughts, when there’s too much pessimism or judgmental attitude in our words, hey! when there’s even too much thinking going on! and what we really need is to breath out and chillax

To be Free you need to take it easy.

Imagine you’re watching a movie but the scenes were too fast, short and unconnected, what would you think about it? How would you feel? Confuse, frustrated maybe even angry? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing to our brain these last years. Multi-screening life with chats, news, loads of info all adding up with daily duties and “I have a dream” type of projects. The result of course are feelings of anxiety and misplacement, because all the different feelings and emotions are just too quick to process, too unstable. We can’t change the speed of evolution, but we can and must control our own speed. We have the power in our hands to judge and analyze if something brings any “profit” to our Life. Question things, speak your mind, have a good and audible conversation with yourself and stay open about your crazy ways. We’re all unique.
It is crazier who hides their “crazyness” from themselves.

To be Free is to be a bit crazy.

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