Thursday, November 26, 2015

Getting lost and finding yourself

For some, losing themselves in the woods or while traveling, or losing themselves in their own thoughts, it's a release, it's freedom and peace of mind. For others, it's a fearful and sad feeling, for they do not know which direction they should take, which words they should say or even which Life to take on and call their own.

We feel lost and disoriented when we loose meaning. Even though Life has a wide range of experiences, we need to feel that there's meaning and purpose to them. That's why for so many of us, being a mom or dad, it's enough for feeling complete. That's why for others, a long honorable career, or the publishing of a book or the Love for a life-long partner, gives them that sense of self-completion.

But Life is unpredictable, in itself and inside each of us. Our dreams change, our relationships change, our surroundings change, and so, more often than we think, all of us feel lost in one way or another. So many of us, dig deep into busyness not to feel that, filling our heads and world with stuff, stuff that distracts us from questioning, what am I doing here?

Our Life will be understood at its end, but it's built now, it's happening right now, so now is the time where we need to think and decide what meaning do we want to give to it. But that search for meaning does not imply stress and frustration. It exists naturally. So I ask, how can we give meaning to Life, naturally, if we don't even know where we are or what we want?

Or do we know?

Maybe we know, but we keep looking for others approval or we compare ourselves too much. So we need to trust in ourselves, we need to believe we know our way.  But we also need the intelligence to recognize that some things still need to learned. Experience teaches us that. We grow from learning and learning happens when we open ourselves to the world and it's many shades. When you're open and flexible, you learn that you're not always right, that you don't know everything and that you always have a very personal point of view on things and people. You learn to accept that there might be many truths, but you also learn that it's in the origin of an action that the truth lies. Truth is what we believe in, Wholeness is that Truth but from an origin of Love, and we are searching for Wholeness.

If we wish to look back on Life and feel it's completion, purpose, meaning, then we need to make our choices from a place of Love. Then give up competing with yourself and simply trust the honesty in your effort, "(...) as if to say 'I'm ready now,' and the readiness is what matters."


  1. So Wise of You Gibi, Sometimes we may feel lost but that doesn't necessarily mean that we are on the wrong path, maybe just means that we don't know the way.. <3

    1. Yes, thank you! that's exactly it. Most of the time we learn and feel deeper when there isn't really an easy way out. <3 Thank you <3