Friday, November 27, 2015

"I'm standing in a field
A field of questions
As far as the eye can see
Is this what it means to be free?
Or is this what it means to belong to the free?
Bill Callahan - Free's

She stands strong, back straight and challenging attitude.
Knowing how fragile her whole world is,
she stands strong
and in her dreams she trusts.

The real free people have always been the lunatics, dreamers,
fragile when facing normality, but capable of escaping it.

You're never alone. There's always yourself.
And we can be so gentle and warm towards strangers.

Relax within a smile. Let it ease in on you.
And from that warm place of acceptance,
defy your deviant dreamer and let yourself "fall" in love,
dangerously free and wild.

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