Thursday, November 19, 2015

on Nonconformity

... to refuse to conform to established customs, attitudes or ideas. To question and think for yourself, and you know what, it's good for your mental health! It's better to ask inappropriate questions than to submit your soul to what is the norm, to rules you don't identify yourself with, to submission.
Deconstruct the thoughts that bring you down, that make you sick inside, at the heart. It's not crazy to speak to yourself alone, isn't it worst  to go through psychological imprisonment and be pseudo-normal? This is the opposite of being free. We are free in our mind first.
We're too shy to admit that we might be damaged, lost, but imagine your life as your favorite movie. As any good movie it needs some post-editing. Don't be afraid to re-edit your own Life. 
Tell a new story. Stories allow to become present what's in the past and closer what's yet far in the future.
It also needs some imagination and unfortunately that is not so much taught in schools. We learn to read and write, but not to imagine. We learn to calculate, add and subtract, but we're not encouraged to create a new math, a math were adding and subtracting might change the colours and sounds in the world.
So many people think of themselves being dumb, but they're just incapable of memorizing data and facts as the majority, and they only don't memorize that well because they were just too distracted creating new perspectives and so, what they heard in class or saw in a book, became the launching pad to new realities and imagined new places. There are just people that "travel" too much compared to the norm.
Why is it that usually it's only the little kids that ask a bunch of questions and then when they grow up, silence wins them over? 
... so question, think for yourself, in your own space find out about what you believe and search for it. All our Life we're conditioned by parents, school, society. Learn to play again!
As Eduardo Galeano questions, what is Utopia/Dreams for? "Utopia is on the horizon. I move two steps closer; it moves two steps further away. I walk another ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps further away. As much as I may walk, I'll never reach it. So what's the point of utopia? The point is this: to keep walking.”

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