Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Saying Thank You to my mentors and heroes

This is what growing up means, being able to look back on Life and appreciate our good deeds as well as our wrong doings, and see how much we’ve learned from them.

Everybody knows no one is perfect, but we all have some very special people in our life. What makes them special it’s not that they are divine and unflawed, but they taught and helped us being better. They gave us their time and attention. Those are the mentors and heroes in our life.

We don’t often realize the teachings and growth we’re getting from them until, when walking by ourselves, we notice we’re thinking differently, maybe more calmly, loving, joyful, smarter, faster…?

Nothing happens just by pure chance. There is a path, a path that leads us to where/who we are today. The hard part to accept about it is that this path is rarely smooth or sweet.

Remember the famous mantra: no pain, no gain. Well, that’s exactly it.

Our wake-up calls are usually pretty hard to deal with and accept, but they do bring us growth, they do open our minds and spirit to new levels of existence. Greater and more fulfilling levels of living.

Our heroes and mentors went through it before they could teach us. One day, we will also be mentors to someone.

To grow is a challenge, and to live our life we actually need to be heroes. No one can walk our way,  love, dance or play in our place.

In our childhood we slowly challenge those around us to get out of psychological dependency and become self-responsible, but it’s scary. No one will pay the price of our choices. But it’s that journey, out from home, overcoming challenges, listening to ourselves, figuring out what we really want in life and then going out and make the best to get it, that builds up who we become.

And no one, not even Chuck Norris, can save the day by themselves. We need people. Loneliness kills as Mother Teresa said it so well, “One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody. (…) Loneliness is the worst kind of poverty”. So we create relationships, we share and we learn a lot from them. Sometimes we hurt the person that is teaching us (we don’t know any better at that time). Think about it, we all start as a selfish and needy baby, but by living and making mistakes, we do learn to be better. That’s why it’s really important to remember the mentors and heroes in our Life. They shaped us and gave the nurturing attention and Love that makes us who we are today.

To them, my deepest thank you
and my deepest sorry when I stepped away and did not say thank you.

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