Saturday, February 27, 2016

… After some thinking and feeling very grateful for all that Life has given me, I do wonder if we’re here just to have pleasure and fun and collect experiences after experiences. I don’t think so… I’ve been living as so, but I don’t believe in it anymore. We’re here to make efforts, to be the best version of ourselves. Who we are we don’t know. We’re something that has a Heart, a Soul and a Body. More than that it’s just our imagination doing it’s own creative thinking, its weekly creative team brainstorming. And because we don’t know but we’re constantly learning and being tested, I think I can say that finally ageing as started to open a bit more sense into this living “business”.

We’re not here to collect pleasurable moments and have the time of our Life. Great if we do, and some effort should be put in making Life sweeter, but how empty and how many mistakes can be avoided if we change that hedonistic perspective into a more humanistic one. To make our Life more about what we create, change and help build, than a collection of experiences that don’t connect with each other or create any meaning.

Life is not about what we collect, but what we do and pass on.

Have your own delightfully self pleasures, indulge your self in poetic wonders and discover amazing kingdoms inside that powerful mind of yours, but don’t be selfish, don’t think only about yourself, even, or especially, if you’re scared to loose, if you’re scared to loose control. Is our Life ever our own, ours? … It's not given to us by ourselves, neither do we choose when to let it go, so how can we call it ours? This life we live it’s not ours, it’s a gift.

When we put it that way, our Life has not being ours but instead, the best gift ever! I guess that feelings of gratitude and respect to whoever thought of creating us float to mind.

And in that regard, do we need more gifts? More free stuff? More entertainment?!

I’m gaining more appreciation for Life and everyday I have the chance to live I know I’m really lucky to be, just be. Yes, Life could be a lot easier, but it’s not Life that is stopping me, it’s my mind. My mind wants a job, a house, a relationship, adventures to show friends and friends to appreciate them. My mind demands, desires, asks… but, who is my mind if not myself?

I think our minds are like our personal “softwares”. We’re all upgraded through school, college, work, but we are also the designers of that software, that’s why we’re not all the same, even though we speak and think the same way. We are wired the same way, but we live (as in feeling and learning) differently.

What I wish/trying to share here are two linked ideas that I believe can really give our Life the meaning we so search for. We are responsible for our choices, even though we haven’t got a clue of what´s our mission in this planet, I guess we missed out that part of “your mission in case you decide to accept is…”, but we can choose and within that choice, we can be respectful and grateful for being free to choose, or we can act like selfish children who draw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want or can’t share the brand news toys given to them.

If we wish to have a fulfilled life, we need to be Full. Full in our words, in our commitments, in our decisions, in giving and receiving. Full as in, there’s no room for doubt, for dubious acting, deception. There’s only fullness on intentions, like a Full on Moon, that rises in the Sky, making crops grow, tides change and making untamed wild creatures howl. Lets be Full, and live what we really believe in. What makes you choose the things you do? ... 

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