Thursday, July 13, 2017

Behind the "wheel"

She stares at him, fearful but with a determine unshivering face, and replies, I want to do it and I will. The long dark hair hidden by an old sweet flowery veil, and her subtle no teeth smile when he just walks away in disdain... She did it, she fought for her belief, for her a freedom, for her right to speak and dream beyond what any man can say.

Everyday someone has to really stand up for something bigger than themselves. The usual Us, just keeps walking, turns the face the other way, chooses to forget. But everytime we choose ignorance over action, we are choosing to take a step backwards, further away from Freedom & Love.

Closing our eyes does not make things go away. It can even make it worst, because our thoughts have more power within us than anything exterior. So if you're scared or frustrated, closing your eyes will only amplify those same feelings inside you. Let's open our eyes, let's speak and listen, touch and feel where we are and who with.

She has suffered and will suffer more critics and disbelief from others that lie and tell her it's for her own good that certain things are forbidden for women to do, but from the moment she opened her eyes and understood there were no more options besides standing tall and present, she has won something that no jury on this earth can ever give: Faith, faith in herself and in her life.

We breathe and share this planet. Why and for how long we can only point out guesses, some stronger than others, so all we have is right now. The past has its own shape and taste already, so it can only be recalled. If you are recalling it now, find in your heart a view of grace or forgiveness, but don't grab on to it or you'll never experience versions of yourself you'd never thought you'd see. The woman or man that breathes strength, courage and honesty.

Question things, learn about them, be curious to understand why and why not. Be creative, and please, the world really needs it, be gentle and be positive.

Become a better, happier, singing and smiling "driver" or "rider"!

Get inspired....

Behind the Wheel: Egypt's Women Drivers

The stories of four Egyptian women and the different vehicles they drive
- from a rickshaw to a 36-tonne truck.


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