Friday, November 23, 2012

More on Happiness

We almost extenuating try to understand what make us happy, and the answers repeat themselves over and over, in more or less words, in philosophical, spiritual or scientific ways. Happiness is a question of mental attitude, and that’s all. Whether you discipline yourself through meditation, pray or re-program your own mental thoughts, the goal is to perceive reality in a kind and positive way.
Bad things happen, bad choices are made, things break or get lost, people leave, things change, but we live, and we either react to it in a good way, or we take in the sadness and anger.

To make my point here, I’ll share a short story.

A woman, when she was about 16, was raped brutally on the back seat of a taxi. Afterwards she found out she was pregnant. She decided to have the baby. Some women are capable of differentiating the two episodes. The rape, and the miracle of birth. When the interviewer asked this woman how she felt about the man that raped her, if she was still angry, beyond understanding, she replied: No, I pity that man. Pity? What you mean? And she continued: I feel pity because I know that man, and I know he has two daughters and granddaughters but he doesn’t know that, he doesn’t know what love is. I love my daughter. I have love...

FROM PODCAST "FRESH AIR" - Parenting A Child Who's Fallen 'Far From The Tree

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