Monday, May 13, 2013

Behold of all the Abundance that surrounds you.

God is infinite and in Him everything is possible. All that my soul wishes becomes a reality. If my Life has not been felt complete as I wish it to be, it’s not because the Universe hasn’t been on my side, but because I didn’t have the clear sight to see what was in front of me. In many times, I didn’t see that my dreams had come true because I didn’t believe that was possible, I didn’t believe I could ever deserve such Joy.

Little by little I have been shown that miracles happen everyday. I just need to keep my “sight” clean, by taking care of my mental hygiene.

I want to cultivate a garden of Love and Joy. I want to inhale and exhale an energy of pleasure and satisfaction. I want to feel complete, alert, open. I want to feel whole with Time and Space.

I have no resentment towards anyone for we all make mistakes. I have done so many. To forgive, I just need to believe I am Free, and I can take care of myself.

Thank you.

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