Thursday, January 30, 2014

To become a Woman and grow.

You grow,  from being a child to a teenager, to one day you realize you're a Woman. No longer a daughter, or a girlfriend, or a student. You're a Woman. Meaning you're responsible for your own actions, words and choices. And the way the World appears at your stage seems now less frightening, but a lot more challenging. You can do, be, or dream anything as far as your imagination lets you go.

But we carry our unknown limitations: we know nothing about Time, Wisdom or Patience, and those are only learn with the experiences we live and share. You have to cry and forgive. Especially forgive yourself for your mistakes. So, to find out that you're now a Woman it's an extremely important step, but one of many still to give.

Imagine you could go to a gym, not a fitness one, but sharpness-of-the-mind gym. We need to take care of our bodies, no doubt, eating well and keeping those muscles fibers strong and healthy, but if our mind is not clear, all of you is just another you messing around in the world, using things and people for entertainment.

Go to the Mind Gym, and work out into growing from being a Woman, to become a Spiritual Mother. I know that the word "mother" might frighten you, but rethink the word. Clean it up from prejudice, criticism, stereotypes. Rethink it with the a clean and open mind.

Find the Love inherent and the Strength in it. Find the teachings and the Humbleness.
Become a Spiritual Mother, and live in the fullness of being Nature.

Nature creates and destroys as it needs. Nature is balance and continuity. Nature is huge and is the smallest of details. Live your largest range of Life.

As a Woman, you learn that fear makes you starve till you loose everything. You learn that tears help you release your emotions, but are not a solution. You learn that a gentle gesture is a hundred times more powerful than an angry one. And when you finally understand that, and breath that, choose to evolve. From that full Woman, to a Spiritual Mother, that contains inside her being, the power to heal and Love.

The folowing pictures are from the artist Nishe:
Thank you.

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