Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To Focus*

* having the mind fixed on something.
absorbed, deep, engrossed, enthralled, focused (also focussed), immersed, intent, observant, rapt... engaged, interested, intrigued, involved; hypnotized, mesmerized; alert, alive, conscious, open-eyed, watchful, wide-awake... not divided or scattered among several areas of interest or concern ...  all, concentrated, entire, exclusive, focused (also focussed), undivided ... absolute, complete, full, lump, teetotal, thorough, total, unadulterated, unalloyed, unqualified, utter; comprehensive, intact, integral, perfect, unbroken...
 When we recognize that life is our mirror, we begin to understand that the outer chaos merely represents our mental state. It is the mime of our mind. If we can quiet our inner chaos, our outer chaos will simmer. However, too often we get this process backward, and that is why it takes us so long sometimes to tame all of the ruckus: We don’t take the time to first quiet our mental noise.” 
- Jenifer Marut
So, begin with meditation (or prayer), and feel yourself connected with the outside world. Your breath, your skin are in constant exchange with the outside world. Go further away and think of the floor your seated on, the grass, the river, the sky, think that all is part of you, and you're part of all.
Then connect yourself with who you would like to become. Happier? Stronger? Calmer?
How is your life being lived when your feeling complete? What's around you, what are you doing?
From there, plant an intention, a purpose. 
Think, I wish... and imagine yourself making that wish come true. Imagine all the feelings, sensations, thoughts you would have when your wish comes true...
Hey, but there's one thing! you'll become busier, and with a lot more to do, but that's why we're living. To keep balance in the world's constant growth. We're not here to be stuck in the same old routine, exchanging nothing between us and the world outside. So prepare yourself for some hard work after your intentions, but be glad for that. It means you're trully living your Life's purpose...

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